[ August 23 2012 ]
A new, simplified version of the game engine is available. 

 - Java Applet was removed. If you want sound,its HTML5 or bust! 
 - Only Keyboard is supported.
 - Implemented an "include" function that allows you to import other files. 
 - Added load and save data functions which use cookies to store info. 

Reduced the number of functions to 20. Some existing function names were 
changed. If you download the devkit, check out the reference.txt file. 
it lists all of the functions available. This version is tiny and great 
for simple games.

Get new devkit here: devkit2.zip

[ July 25 2012 ]
Uploaded presentation for The Baltimore JavaScript Users Group. (see meetup.com)


The Baltimore JavaScript Users Group 

[ July 22 2012 ]
Update: game.html file was missing the RectContains function. game.html has
been updated for both the devkit and the pong example.

[ July 08 2012 ]

I have created a Game Engine of sorts for those interesed in making
Javascript games. Right now it only works on laptops and desktops.
(sorry no mobile) Please take a look at the Function reference page
to see what it can do. I have created a version of pong using the
engine. Click the link below to play. Note that if you are using
an HTML5 browser like Chrome, then you don't need to enable Java.
This engine uses a Java Applet as a sound work-around. However if
you are using IE 7, you'll want to enable it. Otherwise, you won't
get any sound.

Function Reference: Function Reference for Game Engine Library

Pong-like Demo: Pong created with the Game Engine Library.

Zipped Development Files: Contains what you need for development. 

License: License for the Game Engine Library: It's free to use!